Netta Jennison’s artistic practice is closely concerned with space, rhythm and energy. She creates expressions of inner and outer landscapes, often inspired by nature and by the scenery of her native Norway.

Working with a range of media, Netta’s work explores materials and pushes the boundaries of the artist’s tools. Many of her works on canvas and paper are informed by a love of paint and its physicality. Her pieces celebrate the possibilities offered by the depth and breadth of paint, along with its varieties of colour and texture.

Netta’s artistic practice is closely concerned with space, rhythm and energy.

Netta’s work is concerned with ideas of transparency and opacity, and how different media can be used to express contrasting aspects of her practice: acrylic for faster, more spontaneous works, and oil for slower, more contemplative pieces.

For Netta, her processes of making are as much as part of her artistic practice as the final result. As well as utilising the more traditional formats of painting, drawing and print-making, Netta also incorporates more experimental forms into her practice, such as installation art. Much of this is prompted by an interest in generations and the things people leave behind, as well as an impulse to re-use items of emotional value rather than throwing them away.

Netta’s practice is versatile and exploratory, constantly evolving as she learns and experiments.

Sharing some current thoughts and concerns

My mother suffers from dementia and the quality of traces she is leaving behind has now changed, whilst she is forgetting the traces that built her up. This is moving me and leaving thoughts about that we all leave traces – in personal encounters and in nature; a rotten leaf gives nutrition to the next growth – our life’s tapestry (small and large traces left behind) is built on millions of others.

With feelings and thoughts about the present and the past’s traces enrichening our lives; I’m expressing this by repetition of strokes, layering, weaving colours and textures in an organic way.  It’s a reminder of valuing moments with people and nature; colours and textures inviting us to be present with the painting – and the moment.

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